The Gospel of Matthew

The Beatitudes
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This gospel is attributed to Matthew, a former tax collector also known as Levi, who was a disciple of Jesus. A synoptic gospel based on Mark's account, the gospel of Matthew was written in the latter half of the first century.

The notable components of Matthew's gospel are noted below (select a title to read about each event or make a selection from the chapter list above):

Genealogy of Jesus

John the Baptist

The Sermon on the Mount

Seek, and Ye Shall Find

Jesus Heals

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden

Jesus Speaks in Parables

4000 are Fed

Jesus' Transfiguration

The Rich Young Man

Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Woe Unto You

The Parable of the Talents

The Crucifixion

The Flight to Egypt

Jesus Tempted by the Devil

The Lord's Prayer

Jesus Calms the Storm

The Twelve Disciples

The Withered Hand

The Feeding of the 5000

Upon this Rock I will Build my Church

Suffer little children to come unto me

Many be Called, but Few Chosen

Thou Shalt Love thy Neighbour as Thyself

The End Times

The Last Supper

The Resurrection

New Testament